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Doug Aldrich - The Rock Guitar Daily Interview

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Burning Rain, another of Doug's ongoing projects, has been on the shelf since 2004, due to the guitarist's Whitesnake commitments, but in mid-May they will see the release of their third album, Epic Obsession, on Frontiers Records. It's a barnburner - more metallic than Whitesnake, and far enough afield that there should be few comparisons that make any sense, beyond the very basics. I told Doug that I thought it was the best Burning Rain yet, and I asked if he and Keith St. John had been stockpiling material, or if this batch was au courant:

Doug Aldrich: " I appreciate that! Pretty much, it was all of the above! We had a few songs like Ride The Monkey which is one of my favorites on there - it was something that was really old, and we re-worked it several times over the years. I wanted the lyrics to be right, I wanted the music to be right, and I feel like now that it's a really cool song with dark, crazy lyrics and I really like the guitar work on there a lot.
"My Lust Your Fate was the last song we wrote when we did it, and it was a pretty rough demo, but it turned out really nice on the record - much better than I thought it would. We actually have just started shooting a video for that song - a very dark, sexy thing.
"I wanted this Burning Rain record to sound different than Whitesnake. I didn't want it to sound like Whitesnake junior. We tried to maintain the sound we started with, which was a little more towards the metal side, melodic based metal. Of course, I'm just a blues based guitar player - my roots are that, but I wanted it to sound different. I didn't want there to be any cross-collateralization between Whitesnake and Burning Rain other than the fact that I was playing guitar on both.
"I'm really glad that you got it, and are digging it!"

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June-12-2011 Dio Disciples: O2 Academy: Newcastle UK

Dio's Disciples at Newcastle O2 Academy feat. Doug Aldrich

  1. Stand Up And Shout (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens]
  2. Holy Diver (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens]
  3. Don't Talk to Strangers (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens]
  4. Egypt (The Chains Are On) (DIO cover) [vocals: Jepson]
  5. King Of Rock And Roll (DIO cover) [vocals: Jepson]
  6. Catch The Rainbow (RAINBOW cover) [vocals: Jepson]
  7. Stargazer (RAINBOW cover) [vocals: Owens & Jepson]
  8. Neon Knights (BLACK SABBATH cover) [vocals: Owens]
  9. Straight Through The Heart (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens & Jepson]
  10. Children Of The Sea (BLACK SABBATH cover) [vocals: Owens & Jepson]
  11. Killing The Dragon (DIO cover) [vocals: Jepson]
  12. Last In The Line (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens & Jepson]
  13. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll (RAINBOW cover) [vocals: Jepson]
  14. Man On The Silver Mountain (RAINBOW cover) [vocals: Owens]
  15. Heaven And Hell (BLACK SABBATH cover) [vocals: Owens & Jepson]
  1. Rainbow In The Dark (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens]
  2. We Rock (DIO cover) [vocals: Owens & Jepson]